Sunday, June 15, 2008


Something I realized recently: I've been noticing more things nature-oriented out here. Which is ironic since I live a city. But if you haven't read "A Mouse Tale" or "A Tale of Two Squirrels", you need to visit my "outside seminary" blog. The "mouse tale" still makes me smile.

But I've also had little moments with nature including the pretty large snail "snailing" along the sidewalk in Pasadena and the little white butterfly that kept flitting just ahead of me as I walked down the sidewalk along in my apartment complex - like it was keeping me company on my walk.

And then there are the blue, blue skies of Pasadena that you don't always get in other parts of L.A. And the green, green palm trees against those blue skies. All with the mountains as a backdrop to the east. Just lovely.

I started to wonder why I was noticing all these things so often. My conclusion: because I walk everywhere around Pasadena. Walking not only does the body good; it does the senses and soul good, too.

And I can't help but stop and think, "God, it really is good. Thanks for bringing me here to see it."

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