Tuesday, July 20, 2010

LIFE IN CALIFORNIA // Money Well Spent

I got a good education at Fuller. It's costing me a pretty penny but I'm deciding it'll be worth every penny as I pay back the loans.

The biggest reason I'm glad I took this journey are the people I met. I want to make a list of names but I feel bad about starting the list with one person or another. Everyone holds a unique place. Still, you have to start somewhere: Lara, Laura, Dianne, Libby, Dan, Tim, Kristin, Eric, Jessica, Kevin, Michael, David, Dave, Lois, Jeff, Adrienne, Lindsay, Justin, Antonia....

Fond memories of Taco Tuesdays, earthquakes, two-week intensives, Thursday night TV, LOST parties, Friday night happy hour at Magnolia, U2 at the Rose Bowl, sushi, late nights at Yardhouse, impromptu ice cream socials, community group, Dream Center, Big Bear, Starbucks at Paseo, group work with dead weight, Cornerstone in Simi Valley, and of course, the Tim Tam Slam.

As I stand on the edge of "what in the world is next" and "how do I put this education to good use," I thought, "Man, I spent a lot of money on this degree. Was it worth it?" And I just came to the conclusion that it was worth it. Simply by the fact that I am cherishing these friendships and the memories of both living in L.A. and the times since, I wouldn't change the past, I cannot regret the dollars spent on grad school. These people have inspired and challenged me and whether they know it or now, they are helping me change, shaping me every day.

And they make me laugh. Every day.

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