Wednesday, October 20, 2010

LIFE IN MICHIGAN // Days in Cape Town

My brother-in-law is in Cape Town, South Africa, attending the Lausanne 3 conference this week. [What is Lausanne? Click here.]  He and some friends are hosting a blog and podcast while there. [You can read and listen here.]

In today's podcast, Dr. DeLonn Rance made the following comment in response to the ongoing discussion of proclamation vs. social justice:

"The greatest act of social compassion is to plant a local church. Because if you plant a local church, that church understands what that community needs. They know where the literacy problems, work problems and feeding problems are. [The local church knows] what the issues really are and can respond in a direct and immediate way that communicates the love of Christ."

Of course, then it becomes a matter of getting the pastors and leaders of the local church to understand the need to reach out to the community to discover and respond to those needs......

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