Saturday, October 13, 2012

ONE WEEK 365 // Week 39, Book 25

I'm part of a book club of sorts, for work. A few of us read a book about unreached people groups and get together to discuss it over lunch once a month. In September we read this one....

By Bruce Olson

This is the story of a 19-year-old American, Bruce Olson, who feels the call to work among the unreached Motilone Indians in South America. So he packs up and goes. Without a missions board, without raising support, without knowing anyone who even lives anywhere near South America.

It's a crazy, inspiring story how he finds this unreached people group in the mountains in South America and comes to live among them and see them reached with the gospel.

The writing is vivid and graphic in places (like the foot-long parasite that he pulls from his mouth) but the narrative of his story is so good that I survived the gross parts.

I highly recommend if you're looking based-on-a-true-story story.

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