Sunday, July 22, 2012

ONE WORD 365 // Week 29, Book 22

I need to start reading some shorter books or I need to start reading faster if I want to catch up.... This week's book was more for work.

A Muslim's Mind
By Edward J. Hoskins, MD, PhD
Colorado Springs, CO: Dawson Media

I heard about this book through Missio Nexus. As a member of the network, I get weekly book reviews from them.

A few weeks ago this title was the weekly review. And what with my current work, the title appealed to me so I ordered it. Then my boss emailed everyone in the office and said, "You all should check this out." I emailed back: "Already ordered it." How's that for making a good impression on the new job?

This book contains a review of Islamic traditions in the following topics: Muhammed, women, heaven and hell, Jews and Christians, Shariah law, and Jihad. Hoskins spent years researching and living among these traditions, and he has clearly organized them in this book for Christians to learn more about the context of these issues in Muslim culture.

This book read quickly. It's not long and the chapters are in quick, readable sections. Which I think is the point. Hoskins created a book that could be used as an easy reference for understanding Islamic traditions. Anyone can quickly look at the appropriate chapter and find the references to certain issues of Islamic traditions.

He also offers a guide at the end for preparing one's own faith story to share with a Muslim audience -- this being the final step to not being afraid of Islam and Muslims but being ready to build a rapport with Muslims to share the hope of Christ.


Samalee said...

I def want to read this one! I am interested if you've heard of any reputable reads on Hinduism?

Jacqueline Chapman said...

I will ask around. There's gotta be someone in this office that knows. :)