Monday, April 2, 2012

ONE WORD 365 // Week 13, Book 13

My book for this past week was written and just recently released by my friend Dan Portnoy. I met Dan while living in Pasadena, thanks to a mutual friend having a birthday party.

The Non-Profit Narrative: How Telling Stories Can Change the World
By Dan Portnoy
PMG Press, 2012

Not only did I want to purchase and read this book in support of my friend, but I thought it could be helpful for my some upcoming contract work that I have (tax deduction!).

Dan gives easy-to-read and easy-to-understand thoughts on developing your non-profit (or even personal) story, finding your audience and telling your story via the appropriate channels (website, social media, blogs).

I'm actually really glad I read this last week so that I can use the "take aways" and "next steps" that Dan lists at the end of each chapter as I dive into some new projects for a missions organization. I have a clean slate to start this project, and this book will be a great handbook for this from-the-ground-up website.

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