Thursday, April 26, 2012

ONE WORD 365 // Week 14, Book 14

OK, life became crazy. The month of April might not see as many books read as the other 11 months but I am in the midst of closing on my house and moving all my belongings out! Still, I finished this book in week 14 and LOVED it!

Just Kids
By Patti Smith
New York: Ecco, 2010

I bought this book at Strand Bookstore in NYC while on a visit last year. It was one that I kept wanting to read and wanting to read but was never in the reading mood. Then I took on this book-per-week challenge and knew this would be near the top, especially after hearing Smith's interview on NPR.

Once I picked it up and started, I couldn't put it down! I loved this book. I loved that it was part art history, part prose, all enchantment. Patti Smith's storytelling was so good that I was sucked into her life, into her relationships, into the sites and people of NYC in the 60s and 70s, etc.

I found this New York Times review and pretty much felt the same way as Tom Carson. If you love music, photography, New York City, or just really good storytelling, pick up this book. I'll be walking by the Chelsea Hotel when I visit NYC in a couple weeks, just to pay homage to the story.

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